Dr. Jennifer Moss ND

My journey as a healer began in 1994 as a massage therapy student at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. As I gained practical experience as a massage therapist, I clearly understood that though my therapeutic tools were valuable, I had to follow my innate curiosity to understand my patient’s deeper health concerns, and to broaden my diagnostic and therapeutic toolbox, which fortuitously led me to Naturopathic Medicine and its incredible scope of practice, therapeutic principles and treatment modalities. In 2005 I graduated from Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.

About Dr Jennifer Moss

As a naturopathic doctor I initially expanded my pain treatments to include acupuncture, naturopathic manipulation, nutrition and supplementation. Then in 2014 I discovered Perineural Injection Therapy (at the time called Neural Prolotherapy). I had heard of this innovative injection pain therapy using just simple sugar from a close colleague. I remember sitting in the introductory PIT course at Bastyr University in Seattle and realizing the massive potential for PIT to transform people’s lives, and that this therapy would become my passion. I suddenly saw the huge impact that this little known treatment could have on pain and mobility limitations.

I now know it is my purpose to share this simple and profound treatment with people whose lives have been impacted by pain. I know there is hope for people living with long standing pain limitations. I’ve seen Perineural Injection Therapy change lives and I hope that sharing this treatment with my community will spread the word that this pain treatment is an effective valuable option for people looking for pain solutions.

Finding PIT was a paradigm shift for me. As a massage therapist I had always thought of pain coming from the muscles, so I treated the muscles. Yet, when I discovered PIT, the source of pain shifted to the nerves. I considered the possibility that chronic pain could be originating from the nerves as neuropathic pain. So to treat pain I saw the immense value in shifting focus to treating the nerves. PIT uses dextrose to change pain and to facilitate healing of the pain generating nerves, thereby restoring optimal functional movement.

After a PIT treatment people often say they feel ‘lighter, looser, freer’; I see a smile on their face; I see their movements are faster and greater. It is a wonderful thing to witness.

My broad goal of care is to bring greater peace to people’s lives. I see that less pain and better movement brings peace to not only the body but also the mind and spirit. The impacts on community, society and the world with improvements to pain therapeutic outcomes are broad. I hope that PIT along with other effective pain treatment solutions can bring greater peace to our world.

My passion for PIT has kept me at the forefront of PIT research and techniques. Every year since 2014 I have attended Dr. John Lyftogt’s (the founder of PIT) training sessions in the Pacific Northwest. As well, I attend the International Association for Regenerative Therapy Conferences for Prolotherapy and Perineural Injection Therapy continuing education.

I am committed to continuing education, excellence and professionalism. I am a licensed member of the College of Naturopathic Physicians in British Columbia. I am board certified in Advanced Injection Therapies Part A & B (Prolotherapy), Acupuncture, Intravenous & Chelation Therapy, and Pharmaceutical prescription. To enrich my passion for pain therapeutics I hold memberships with the Canadian Association of Orthopaedic Medicine, and the International Association for Regenerative Therapy.

I will join you on your journey towards your optimal health and well being, and in doing so create space for you to get back to living your life’s dreams, purpose and goals.

My therapeutic goal is to meet my patients where their goals and values lie – to identify what is most important for them, and provide options for care so my patient’s have the power to choose what is right for them.

The body was designed to move. Life is movement. Movement requires energy and freedom. In my practice I work with my patients to identify obstacles to optimal health and to find the best path to overcome those obstacles.

Ready to move on from your pain limitations & regain your mobility?

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